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Protects and cleans aluminum
Belgom ALU is a polish that has been specially developed for aluminum, copper, stainless steel and metal parts. Belgom ALU thoroughly cleans aluminum surfaces and protects them for long-term protection against rust and external influences. This Belgom aluminum polish is used for polishing engine parts, car parts and other aluminum parts.

Render aluminum high gloss
Belgom ALU is not only a cleaning agent for aluminum surfaces, but also gives the aluminum long-term protection with an ultimate high gloss. Is the aluminum of your car or motorcycle weathered and dull? Achieve a crystal clear deep high gloss of your aluminum parts!

How do I apply Belgom ALU?
Belgom ALU polish is packed in a handy 250ml jar. Make sure the surface is clean. Use a soft polishing cloth to apply the aluminum polish. After polishing, let the Belgom alu polish act and then rub the polish with a clean and soft microfibre cloth. Experience the powerful cleaning, long-term protection and the ultimate high gloss of your aluminum!


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