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Tsubaki Chain Lube 400 ML

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Tsubaki Chain Wax is a thick chain spray that adheres well to the chain and extends the life of the chain considerably.

Preferably lubricate the chain when it is warm, after a ride of approx. 15 more or less. Place the engine on a rear stand, or centerstand if equipped, and place the engine in neutral.
Turn the wheel by hand and spray a thin layer of Tsubaki Chain Wax on the chain. Pay extra attention to the pins and O-ring or X-ring. It is advisable to apply a thin layer regularly, this works better than a less regular thick layer.
Remove drops of chain grease with a clean cloth. Leave the engine overnight, so that the grease can penetrate the chain well and become viscous there, this prevents the chain grease from being thrown off the chain again immediately after application.

Interval: The maintenance of a motorcycle chain varies according to the riding conditions. In general it is advisable to lubricate the chain every 150 to 300 kilometers, but more often in wet weather.


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